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American investors oppose sending their personal information to the Consolidated Audit Trail.

To create a centralized database, the CAT would require investment brokers to hand over to a government regulator the personal and financial information of every American investor.

Washington wants to invade your privacy and create a one-stop shop for cyber criminals to steal your identity.

It's called the Consolidated Audit Trail
“Victim of ‘Hacker’ Terrified by Identity Theft,” CBS News

So, what is the Consolidated Audit Trail?

CONSOLIDATED AUDIT TRAIL: (noun)  A massive government database collecting the personally identifiable information of every American investor—ripe for identity theft, hacking and data manipulation.

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The CAT will collect and store the personally identifiable information (PII) of millions of America’s Main Street investors (like you), creating a target-rich environment for bad actors. So many Americans have already been targeted in data breaches and have suffered the horrible consequences from identity theft, and collecting PII under CAT represents one of the largest risks to the personal data security of American investors. 

Will you help us tell Washington politicians and the SEC to stop this policy before your identity is stolen?

Thanks for joining the fight!

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